To DIY or Not to DIY

Hello Brides and Grooms!

I thought today I would address a topic that seems to be getting a lot of attention lately in the wedding world! A lot of brides are opting to save money wherever possible; (and hey why not, this s*#t aint cheap anymore!) The idea of DIY is wildy trendy these days! I have seen so many DIY style weddings on Pinterest, Etsy, Brides Magazine, and even TLC’s Four Weddings TV show, and sometimes, when done just right I think it’s a great way to keep your budget slim and fit! “Doing it yourself” can be great if you have the right direction. For instance, if your great with hair and makeup, hop on Pinterest, look up some fab hair and makeup ideas and practice practice practice. Short of purchasing some Aquanet and good waterproof mascara, doing your wedding day “look” can be totally free and just as gorgeous as when its professionally done! The next BIG DIY project I’ve seen is centerpieces for your reception. Centerpieces filled with flowers, beads, crystals and fillers are beautiful, but they can add up super quickly! Brides and her maids are becoming extremely crafty by choosing to make their own centerpieces. Silk flowers, or cheaper real flowers (instead of roses, maybe go with tulips or callalillies), water beads (which can be found in your local dollar store) are both beautiful and wallet friendly. You’re also not limited to just flowers anymore, I have seen TONS of brides opt to go with feathers, palm leaves, and even branches to get that fabulous over-the-top look while saving a ton of cash. Last but definitely not least, your unforgettable bouquet. This NEEDS to be A-freakin’-MAZING, it’s in TONS of pictures, in your hands all day, and on your table for display throughout your reception. We’ve all seen the brooch bouquets… and girls/guys these are 100% DIY. Grab yourself some fishing wire, and hook those babies up! Wrap the wires on the bottom with some ribbon, embellish with some bling, and BAM, you have yourself a beautiful homemade bouquet. What I LOVE about these is that the brooches can be from family members and friends and hold sentimental value while looking stunning. If brooches aren’t your thing, you can go the same route as the centerpieces – cheaper flowers are still beautiful, choose a flower with some color for that pop, and pair it with a more neutral flower or filler, for example baby’s breath and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Wrap the stems for a more glam look, or leave the stems bare for a more organic, rustic look. Why spend extra money when you can get the same great results just by doing a bit of research and getting your hands a little dirty!? DIY Brides and Grooms, DIY!

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Does your wedding theme have to match the season!?

Hey everyone! So, here is a question I find myself and lots of other brides-to-be running into over and over again! Should the theme of your wedding match the season your getting married in!? Well, truth is it depends, and the answer is both yes and no. You don’t want to get married in January, in NY (when we get LOTS of snow) and deck out your venue with palm trees, seashells and various beach paraphernalia! On the other hand, maybe your color palette can follow a somewhat more ‘summery‘ trend. It can be totally chic to incorporate bright corals, elegant light blues and greens, vibrant purples etc.! I mean how gorg would it be to walk into your wedding reception and be stunned with amazing centerpieces donned with coral and white flowers, maybe even a touch of bling, just because what girl doesn’t love a little sparkle! Moreover, I think rather than focusing on making your wedding a reflection of the season you wanna make sure it’s a reflection of you and your fiancé and incorporate your theme in a way thats seasonally appropriate! Use your color palette to your advantage, if you love ambers, golds and deep orangey/reds but are planning an August wedding, take those colors, and intertwine them with the seasonal aspects of your wedding! Look for goldish/yellowish seashells to elegantly scatter on your guests’ tables (or get creative & paint them), find some orange flowers to add a little summer flare to your bridesmaids bouquets! The options are endless! Stick to what you and your fiancé LOVE, and find creative little ways to make it work with the season! I hope this helps, let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions! Cheers to even more happy wedding planning future wives and hubbies! 



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Hey guys!

Welcome to my blog! My name is Brittany, and I (just like most of you) am engaged and tediously planning every little detail for the big day! First things first, Congratulations! This is such an exciting time in our lives and I thought what better way to keepsake my wedding planning, (and all of yours) than to start a blog where we can all share experiences, stories, frustrations, reviews, and more! My Fiance, Matty, inspired me to start this blog when he noticed how many endless hours I was spending on Pinterest, Etsy, The Knot and Wedding Wire learning every little thing I could about planning a wedding…and I thought “hey why not!”  I want to use this forum to share the latest wedding planning news, hows to’s, what not to do’s, and I do’s with all of my fellow brides…and grooms! With all that being said, here’s to happy wedding planning, fabulous weddings, and even more fabulous marriages!

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